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HR - Human Resource Management - Course Pack

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Human Resource Training Course Pack. In today's environment much of what was done solely in the human resources department is now done by managers. This course pack is for both HR staff and other Department managers. Course List 1. Business Succession Planning 2. Change Management 3. Conflict Resolution 4. Contract Management 5. Crisis Management 6. Delivering Constructive Criticism 7. Developing a Lunch and Learn 8. Developing Corporate Behavior 9. Diversity and Inclusion 10. Emotional Intelligence at Work 11. Employee Onboarding 12. Employee Recruitment 13. Employee Termination Processes 14. Generation Gaps 15. Handling a Difficult Customer 16. Health and Wellness at Work 17. Hiring Strategies 18. Human Resource Management 19. Managing Workplace Anxiety 20. Managing Workplace Harassment 21. Measuring Results from Training 22. Millennial Onboarding 23. Networking Outside the Company 24. Networking Within the Company 25. Office Health and Safety 26. Respect in the Workplace 27. Responsibility in the Workplace 28. Risk Assessment and Management 29. Safety In the Workplace 30. Sensitivity Training 31. Social Learning 32. Talent Management 33. Team Building For Managers 34. Teamwork And Team Building 35. Unconscious Bias 36. Universal Safety Practices 37. Workplace Diversity 38. Workplace Harassment 39. Workplace Violence

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